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Frequently asked questions

If you already have a faucetpay account, you will need to create a new account (click here) after creating your account, log in with the same username as your faucetpay account.

We can only monitor your faucetpay earnings through our referral link.

Each game pays a different percentage, check how much you can win:
PTC: You get 0.25% of each click,
Dice: You get 0.25% of each wager,
CRASH: You get 0.15% of each wager,
ROULETTE: You get 0.10% of each wager,
PLINKO: You get 0.05% of each wager.
Example: if you bet $10 on the dice, you will have $0.025 on your balance here on our website.

Balances will be credited once a week. Check your dashboard for the next payment date.

Anyone can participate in the tournaments, you just need to have more bet value than the other participants.